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Peri Peri Masala Spice Mix Powder 100g

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Introducing one of the best PeriPeri Masala (ya its the BEST), Sprinkle-Shake-Eat & enjoy the Heat but don’t get burned because we have made it safe so you can enjoy not become a water tanker. Made with selected Spices with no Additives, Flavours or Preservatives. Enjoy it with your Fries, sandwiches, Dips, and more because BazaaRooh PeriPeri is like no other surely.

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Make Pyari-Pyari Fries with PeriPeri Masla, BazaaRooh PeriPeri Masala is one of the best periperi spice mix you can experience because its made with our own formula, not too spicy but spicy-spicy at a level to enjoy its taste, made with no additives/colors/flavours. Now enjoy your breakfast, brunch or lunch with this special blend and get a short trip to Italian cuisine.

“PeriPeri was originally produced by Portuguese explorers in Portugal’s former Southern African territories and then spread to other Portuguese domain, its name of a chilly type but people made masala out of it and start calling it PeriPeri/PiriPiri Spice”.

Uses of PeriPeri Spice Mix-

  • PeriPeri Fries
  • Sandwitches
  • Salads
  • Sprinkler
  • Dresings, etc.

Recipe: Check Slide for Video

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Weight100 g
Dimensions4.25 × 1.5 × 6.75 in

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