hot serve paratha made with bazaarooh paratha masala for morning breakfast or lunch served with achaar, makkhan and chutney
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Dhabedar Paratha Masala 100g- Paratho ka Shehenshah

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Elevate your parathas with exotic spices, savor each bite, and crave for more! Perfect for all fillings and ideal for paratha lovers. Add it in your Parathas stuffing instead of regular spices and give it taste of Dhaba Style Paratha which won’t let stop your Hands after or tareefe?, uske to pull badhege log. Perfect for Veggies Stuffing or Gobhi (like: Aloo, Paneer, Gobhi, Pyaz, etc.), and enjoy a morning paratha with fresh butter and chaach, dusted with Chatakha Ae Khas Masala by Dadi ka Jadu. Experience the culinary enchantment with Dhaberdar Paratha Masala.

Why this?- Because this is Unbeatable!

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Which is your favorite Paratha place?, what if we tell you that you can have Dhaba style Parahta feel at your home with our Dhabedar Paratha Masala as this turns your ordinary regular paratha a level up to the taste as you are eating a street style Partha with bite of masalas like Anardana, Corriander, Ajwain, Hing, etc. with intense aromatic flavour just like the old times going Murthal or Mulchand for Paneer, Gobhi, Aloo or Mix Paratha giving bite of coarse pound spices.

Why use Paratha Masala readymde to make Stuff Paratha?

  • Paratha Perfection: Elevate your paratha game to new heights with the exotic spices mix of Dhaberdar Paratha Masala Powder, bringing the authentic flavors of street-style or dhaba-style parathas right into your kitchen.
  • Irresistible Cravings: Indulge in the rich and delectable taste that will leave you yearning for more parathas – each bite infused with the enchanting essence of our special blend.
  • Versatility Unleashed: Not just for parathas, this magical masala perfectly complements all types of fillings, making it a paradise for paratha lovers and ideal for adding zing to stuffed veggies and more.
  • Morning Delight: Kickstart your day with the ultimate dhaba-style experience – enjoy your parathas with fresh white butter and chaach sprinkled with Chatakha Ae Khas Masala by Dadi ka Jadu.

Unleash the wonders of Dhaberdar Paratha Masala to buy Online and immerse yourself in the authentic flavors of Dhaba-style parathas, a perfect companion for your daily breakfast (so aaj konsa Paratha banra hai ghar pe?)

How to make Stuff Paratha with Dhabedar Paratha Masala?

  • Mesh Potato/Paneer/Pyaz (onion)
  • Slice and chop some chilly
  • Add Paratha Masala Powder by BazaaRooh (around 2 & half tsp) for 2 Paratha (add as taste)
  • Mix it together
  • Fill in dough and Rollin flat
  • Crisp it with Ghee and enjoy with butter and curd like at Dhaba.

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