homemade mom's sambar and Toor dal tadka - made in cold pressed natural oil , authentic south Indian restaurant style sambar at home , made with finest quality of spices , quick and easy way to make sambar at home
south indian sambar masala spice readymade tadka back label for information and recipe bazarooh

South Story Readymade Spice Mix Tadka- Ab Khane ko bolo Vanakkam

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If you are missing Dosa, Idly, Uttapam and Sambhar combo so we can bet that you don’t have to as best Smabhar can be ready in next 10min with our Sambhar and Toor Dar Tadka that gives you authentic vibes of South India and best Fit for any South Indian dish from Rice to Sambhar and Toor Dal. Experience culinary bliss with our ReadyMade Tadka, a game-changer for everyday meals. Made with pure natural cold-pressed oils and a secret blend of top-quality spices, our Tadka guarantees restaurant-level flavors right in your kitchen. Just pour, mix, cook, and serve hot – a hassle-free delight for households, busy housewives, students, and working millennials. Say goodbye to harmful ingredients, our Tadka uses only the finest spices for the healthiest option. With batches prepared freshly and packed with mom’s love, savor the diverse range for every Indian cuisine.

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Express your love to an experince that makes your guest say “ye kese banaya”,  with a secret you never wanna to share with anyone because excellent South Indian is not an easy task to make until now because we have made it for you so Pleasure this side, enjoy the mouthwatering dripping south Indian Sambar, Rice, Idli-Dosa, etc. at home with garam Filter Coffee with the whole family anytime from breakfast to Lunch.

We made this getting inspired from the taste of Madras Cafe and some renaunt restaurants that serve top class South Indian menu but at many places or homes the lack is mostly in Sambar which fails, to balance it down we find this new Sambar Masala/South Indian Masala to eliminate it.

Benefits of Homemade Food and Freshly Prepared Meals:

  1. Health and Nutrition: Tadka ensures the goodness of homemade food because it gives your boring meals a lift up from ordinary to extraordinary with great taste, texture, style and texture to the dish with almost no effort due to its exponentially special creativeness how they are crafted from South Indian to North Indian on your plate with 0 Additives/Preservatives.
  2. Versatility and Customization: With a wide range of flavors catering to every Indian cuisine, our Tadka lets you explore and personalize dishes to your dietary buds.
  3. Saves Time and Effort: Indulge in the taste of high-class restaurant meals without leaving the comfort of your home because it won’t let you feel its homemade (experience se bolra hu try karke dekho) with easy-to-cook preps saving time.
  4. Homely Love and Warmth: Each batch of our Tadka is packed with mom’s love, evoking the feeling of a homely kitchen that nourishes both body and soul.
  5. Diverse Cuisine Experiences: From North to South, East to West, our Tadka brings the essence of various regional cuisines, adding delightful twists to your daily meals.

Savor the richness of top-quality spices and the convenience of ReadyMade Tadka, embrace the joy of homemade food, where health, taste, and love merge to create memorable dining experiences with every bite. Let ReadyMade Tadka be your culinary partner in creating delightful meals that make you feel cherished and satisfied with finger-licking goodness because it’s time Tadkadekar!


Recipe: Check Slide for Video

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