Rewards by BazaaRooh- How it Works?

bazaarooh reward points and membership for customers, earn BPoints and redeem on store with every purchase, Reward points work as Currency on store, more points means more saving
BazaaRooh Reward Points, BPoints symbol

What is B Reward Point?

BazaaRooh Reward Point also known as B-Points are the collectible Points that a customer/user can avail in his/her account and can use it as currency to Shop on Store of in all category without restrictions.

How BazaaRooh Reward Point Works?

It works the same as Currecny where 1B=Rs.1, means a user can avail their points in a shopping cart claiming instead to pay and that much amount will be deducted from the order,
example: if you have 500 Points in your account you have Rs.500 equally to spend now if you place an Order of Rs.800 so you can pay 300 as the rest amount and 500 from BPoints so in the end you only land to pay 300 for your order.

Redeem Points Process, Step by Step:

  • Go to Orders
  • Check available Points in my Accounts Area
  • Click on Checkout and next to Add Cupoun add Points you want to Redeem on order
  • Added Points will be deducted from your Account and you will get amount deducted from your Final amount of order
  • Points can be used with Offers ongoing
  • If you spend 1000+ Points on Store you will be directly awarded with Silver Membership, means up to 20% special Discount and Pre-Sale Alerts
  • If you Spend 2000+ Points, you will be upgraded to Golden Membership where you can get 25% Discount Option and a Specialised Custom coupon for your Orders.

How to Earn BazaaRooh Reward Points?

  • Signup for Account (you get 5 Points)
  • Each Referral Singup will make you Earn 10 Points
  • Spin the Wheel Game (once per week) is a great way to earn surprise Points
  • On each Order above Rs.100 you can earn 10 Points
  • Each Product is set to some Points secretly so when you Order, Points will be added to your Account in My Reward Section

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