best multipurpose chaat masala spice for all indian dishes to sprinkle on top as indian tatste booster made with 70 years of secret recipe by dadi without any preservatives and color or flavoring as all purpose masala by bazaarooh
homemade Besan bhajia sprinkled with chaat masala aka Dadi special chakacha ae Khas - homemade , allrounder masala , flavor enhancer , made with finest quality spices , healthier than ordinary chaat masala
chaat masala by bazaarooh backlabel and recipe with other information

Chatakha Ae Khas Chaat Masala 100g- Multipurpose Indian Spice Blend

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An Unveiling of 70-Year Secret Recipe!

  • Over 70-Year Legacy: This cherished family recipe is a well-guarded secret, perfected over generations.
  • Unmatched Versatility: Unlike typical chaat masalas, it effortlessly complements various dishes – from curries to fruits, daal to salads, pakode to papad, and more!
  • All-Natural Goodness: Crafted at home with love, it contains no artificial flavors or citric acid, just pure tanginess from authentic amchoor.
  • Timeless Perfection: This magical blend captures the essence of traditional Indian flavors, making it a culinary masterpiece.

Experience the unforgettable taste of Dadi’s Legacy Chaat Masala, a true treasure handed down through time, enriching your meals with unparalleled flavors!

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70yrs of the same recipe carried out by our Dadi to next gen (means us) taking this Wonderful all-purpose come Chaat Masala. If you like Chaat Masala then this one is your permanent replacement from now as it has no Tatri or Citric Acid just kitchen base masala and some added secret ingredients which boost up and adds-up taste to any dish its added to from Fruits to Veggies to anything savory. Mix in Chaat, Raita, Sandwitch, Dal, etc. its will turn it to an all-new dish.

Discover the Unique Blend of Chatakha Ae Khas Chaat Masala:

  • Secret Family Recipe: Dadi’s time-honored recipe is a closely guarded family treasure, carefully crafted with a combination of spices that have been perfected over decades.
  • Versatility Personified: Unlike ordinary chaat masalas, this blend harmonizes effortlessly with almost every dish – from curries and sauces to refreshing curd, fruits, daal, salads, pakode, papad, and more, creating a symphony of flavors.
  • All-Natural Goodness: Made with love at home, Dadi’s Legacy Chaat Masala contains no artificial flavors or citric acid. The tanginess comes from the authentic use of amchoor (dried mango powder), adding a delightful twist to your dishes.
  • Time-Tested Perfection: With a blend that has stood the test of time, this chaat masala is an embodiment of culinary brilliance, capturing the essence of traditional Indian flavors in every sprinkle.

Because is not what you get in packets on the shelf, the experience is truly a blending of dreams in the soul with the kick of purity the time holds carrying this out to your home as we have not even touched it 1% in change and promise to deliver it as pure as we got and have ways with no compromise.


  • Chatakha Ae Khas-

  1. Use it as Chaat Masala or as Taste enhancer
  2. 70yrs of our Dadi’s Legacy behind the Taste
  3. We follow an untouched
  4. Traditional secret recipe
  5. Once you try, you always buy!
  6. Perfect for all Indian cusine
  • Regular Chaat Masala-

  1. Filled with mixing, artificial flavors & Citric Acid for sour taste
  2. Not suitable with all dishes
  3. A wide variety to choose from that’s really confusing…
  4. Simplified but not innovative

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Chaat masala

One of the best chaat masala.I use it for almost all my food one of the best product from bazaar rooh.

Awesome taste

Perfect taste of Masala great for daily usage, loved it!

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