specialty of white sauce powder compare to white sauce paste sold in market without mayonnaise, harmful adulteration content and stabilizer or preservatives just white sauce dry powder for instant white sauce
white sauce pasta made with white sauce powder by bazaarooh at home just cafe style, must try recipe
white sauce powder premix for pasta sauce to make quick pasta sauce easy at home back laebel bazaarooh

White Sauce Powder Premix- Mummy ko bolo MammaMia

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If you are a Pasta lover or love to have White Sauce that too cafe style but willing to make at home but ends up getting mayo from store because 99% readymade jars and sauces contains that only, we brought a turnaround in the section by bringing you BazaaRooh authentic and real White Sauce Powder Premix, a delicious blend of all necessities to be brought with no hassle of lumps or roasting Maida, just Cut-Pour-Mix-Boil and ready.

What’s Inside?– White Sauce Pasta Powder Roasted.

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Don’t let your Pasta get ruined by some unethically made White Sauce Paste or Sauces that’s filled with Colors, Preservatives, Additives, Harmful oil, unethical chemicals, artificial flavors etc., instead bring Gourmet style Fresh White Sauce Powder to make fresh authentic White Sauce at home just like cafe style. Without any preservatives, flavors or additives, it’s 100% original and ready to make White Sauce Premix just waiting to be poured in Milk to get thicken and give you smooth-silky white sauce for your pasta and dips.

Benefits of using White Sauce Powder Premix?

  1. Preservative-Free: Unlike readymade sauces, BazaaRooh White Sauce Powder contains no preservatives or artificial additives, ensuring a healthier and natural option for you and your family.
  2. All-Natural Ingredients: With White Sauce Powder, you’ll enjoy the goodness of pure ingredients without any milk solids or stabilizers, providing a more authentic and delicious flavor.
  3. Lump-Free Preparation: Say goodbye to lumps! guarantees a smooth and consistent texture, making the preparation hassle-free and delightful.
  4. Convenience Personified: Just mix the powder in cold milk, add some butter, and bring it to a boil – that’s it! Your creamy white sauce is ready in no time.
  5. Speedy Preparation: Compared to readymade sauces that need heating and stirring, BazaaRooh White Sauce Powder allows you to prepare white sauce instantly, saving you valuable time in the kitchen.

Now no bahana because White Sauce Pasta hai banana that too with smooth cafe like Pasta at home with finest and most delicious White Sauce made using White Sauce powder at home in just 5min.

For Recipe: Check Slider for Video

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Easy to make

Loved your pasta mix it is easy to make and it's very creamy just tastes like home.

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