5 Things you can Eat in Navratri fast or any Fast- Food to Eat in Fasting

If you fasting so its important to follow rituals propoerly, Navratri fasting is of 9 days and to find things to eat throughout is tought, thats why be bring you 5 Things you van Eat in Navratri fast or any Fast.

Navratri is a Hindu Mythology most honored combination of 9 days in which Hindus pray to 9 Godess and celebrate 9 different days doing Pooja, Aarti, Fasting, devoting themself to god living in simplicity and peace, but in Fasting one of the biggest challenges for people is what to eat in Fasting for in morning and options to have in snacks or meal so today we tell you 5 Things you van Eat in Navratri fast or any Fast.

During the nine days of Navratri, people pay attention to the smallest details; they abstain from non-vegetarian food, alcohol, onions, and garlic. Many also give up regular salt, wheat, or any grain, a practice known as ‘Ann Chodna’, and adhere to a ‘Satvik Bhojan’ consisting of fruits, lightly spiced dishes, and non-grain-based foods that are easy on the body. They often fast regularly, eating only one meal in the evening after the Pooja.

9 Hindu goddess in Navratri poojan
9 Maata

Why Navratri is celebrated and belive behind 9 maata:

Believe behind celebrating Navratri is that all Goddess hold different powders and auras with different bringingness in human life, we preach them to make them happy and bless us with their sight to live longer, stay strong, be wealthy, be kind and generous and be a better human thinking they are watching us.

5 Things you can Eat in Navratri fast or any Fast:

Now we are at a moment to talk about food and snacks that we can have during navratri after knowing a short brief about Navratri,

We beak it into two parts first in which we talk about some Top Snack options that you can have in breakfast, evening snacks and second meal of night after prayer which you can have plus some do and don’t to take care off.

Navratri Snacks to eat list-
Navratri Meals to eat list-
  • Kuttu-Singada Flour Cheela, Pakodi, Puri
  • Potato Sabji
  • Curd
  • Potato Dishes Plain (Pakodi, Fries, Puri, etc)
  • Makhana Chaat
  • Fruit Chaat
  • Samak Rice

These are some very common and known dishes and food items you can eat at time of Navratri without any worries, also you can have Sweets but not which gave grains so just take care of that,

You can have 1-2 meal only like one small take in Morning as Breakfast and evening Dinner that’s it because is belived to skip 1-2 meals for fasting then only its fulfilled properly and doing Pooja 2 times a day for 9 Days where ending with Asthami or Navmi Poojan is done by preparing Halwa-Chana and feeding 9 girls and kids as form of taking blessings with goddess and saying Bye to come soon again.

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